Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unforgiven - Record of Lodoss War AMV

Anime: Record of Lodoss War OAV
Music: "Unforgiven" by Metallica

I originally entered it in the AX'98 Music Video contest and it was disqualified for being to long. I then entered it for AX 2000 when they extended the max time from 5 to 7 min.. It got a pretty solid reaction, but the video source quality worked against it in the contest.

This was the last video I made before getting a Macintosh G4, which always posed a number of technical problems. This is one of the videos I would like to remake on the Mac someday.

Honorable Mention: Otakon 1998
Finalist: Anime Expo 2000


The first amv I ever saw back in the 90's, I believe. You did an amazing job. This is the amv that inspired me to make amv's!

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