Thursday, December 30, 2010

Negated Identity Construct - Evangelion AMV

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Music: "Meteorlogy" by Overseer

I had joked long ago that I would never make an AMV with footage from Evangelion. Primarily as a reaction to always seeing two or three Eva AMVs every year. The cliché phrase, "Never Say Never" came to mind when I first got the idea for this video.

Nearly every frame of this video has been manipulated using Photoshop. Today this sort of work is easily done in After Effects, but I didn't have the software at the time. Once processed, I assembled the frames back into a QuickTime movie. I edited the individual segments in their raw footage format, and then exported the edited tracks as sequences of individual frames. The frames were imported into Photoshop, where various filters were applied. The initial filter was a Neon Edges filter, designed to place the edges of the Eva footage in front of the zooming fractal background. Later I applied various Photoshop filters to shorter segments to give these scenes texture and create a sense of distorted reality.

I suppose inn a way the video is a surreal examination of what's going on in Asuka's psyche during her withdrawal after her defeat at the hands of Arael the 15th Angel.

The dialog Asuka lip syncs is Icelandic. I think it sounds close enough to German though. Although I expect my Icelandic and German friends would dispute that.

Judges Award: Ani-Magic 2004


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