Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grand Theft Megadeus - Big O AMV

Anime: Big O
Audio: "Horndog" by Overseer
Date: 07/11/2003

I originally created this video several years ago for the AWA 2003 Master's Contest. It has always been one of my favorites. I decided to apply some of the techniques I've picked up and tighten up the editing.

Despite the title, the video doesn't have much of a link to the video game series. Originally, I was going to use a gimmick of putting a weapon, health and wanted rating overlay in the upper right hand corner. After the video was completed, I realized that it didn't need that, although someday I might make a version with it just for fun.

Big O has its own style; I wanted to create an Action video that conveyed that same sort of style. The car sequence in the middle of the video was inspired by the Mitsubishi ad that uses the same song. The black to red paint change clip was originally going to feature a change in Smith's wanted rating, which was what originally inspired the video's title. Even after I ditched the overlay idea, I liked the title to much to change it.


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