Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be My Friend - Final Fantasy 8 AMV

Video: Final Fantasy VIII (FMV)
Audio: "Be My Friend" by Sia
Date: 05/01/2006

This video is a first for me in two areas; it is the my first attempt at a romance video as well as the first time I used Full Motion Video from a video game, rather than anime footage.

I was lucky in that a friend of mine gave me a copy of FF8 for the PC after seeing my Seifer cosplay. The FMV was pretty easy to rip from the game CDs and was in 640x480 format, rather than the PS1's 320x240. This gave me considerably better source to work with.

One of the main challenges of this video was that there wasn't a lot of sentimental romantic moments to work with. I used some layering and in a few places used action clips in order to move the video along.

I really debated about some of the special effects. In a few places they may have ended up being more distracting, but I also wanted them to be consistent.

In the end, I hope I conveyed a sense of romance/sentimentality in this video. I'm really curious if I was successful, please let me know what you think...


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