Thursday, December 30, 2010

Code Monkey AMV

Anime: Legend of Black Heaven
Music: "Code Monkey " by Jonathan Coulton
Date: 04/30/2007

I first heard this song on the net@nite podcast. Jonathan Coulton is the musical artist and the song is released under the Creative Commons license. If you enjoy this video, please consider purchasing the song from either his website, or iTunes.

The overlay graphic thought and word balloons were created using the Comic Life software. I took the balloons, imported them into Photoshop for cleanup then into FCP to add them to the video. I used a "popping" animation to make the graphics appear more active.

"Code Monkey Likes You"

Finalist: Anime Expo 2007
Judges Choice Best of Show: SAC Anime 2007
Judges Best Comedy Runner-Up: Anime Mid Atlantic 2007
Best Comedy Runner-Up: Animethon 14
Audience Best Comedy Runner-Up: Anime Mid Atlatntic 2007
Best Comedy/Parody: Anime Evolution 2007
Best Storytelling: Anime Weekend Atlanta 13
Best of Show: Dragoncon 2007
Best of Show: Bakuretsucon 2007
Best of Show: AnimeUSA 2007


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